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TAW 2024 Woodturning Symposium


The Tennessee Association of Woodturners presents their 35th Annual Woodturning Symposium on January 26th and 27th, 2024. Our 2024 Woodturning Symposium will again be located at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center 700 Cool Springs Blvd Franklin, TN. Featured demonstrators include Nick Agar, Pat Carroll, Ashley Harwood, Eric Lofstrom & Sammy Long. Two days of jam-packed demonstrations by some of the best demonstrators, an instant gallery, People's Choice, Saturday night auction and banquet are just a few of the many activities planned for 2024. Our vendor area will be stocked full of a wide variety of woodturning equipment, supplies and wood.


Tired of watching Zoom and IRD woodturning presentations? Register for the TAW 2024 Woodturning Symposium and have the opportunity to talk to the demonstrators and see their live woodturning presentations.  Take time to interact with other woodturners and search out the vendor area to see, touch and feel the latest tools, wood and finishes specifically with woodturners in mind.


TAW 2024 Woodturning Symposium


ON-LINE REGISTRATION: Online registration is easy and secure

Symposium Fees:      
   Registration Fee  Registration Fee After 12/31/2023  Walk-in Registration
 Full 2-Day Symposium  $190.00*  $200.00*  $250.00*
 One-Day Symposium  $150.00*  $180.00*  $200.00*
 Spouse Registration  $110.00*  $120.00*  $140.00*
 Youth(under 16)   Free**  Still Free**  Really!  It's Free**
 Banquet Only  $60.00  $65.00  $65.00

*Includes banquet/auction. The entire fee structure is designed to satisfy our obligations to the Marriott.  
**Must be accompanied by Adult Full two day

There is a $3.00 Transaction fee for non-members

Cancellation Policy:
After December 31, 2023 a $75.00 processing fee will be deducted if registration is cancelled.
After January 12, 2024 the registration fee is not refundable.

Symposium Schedule

To see the latest symposium schedule of information please click Here


Nick has become one of the most sought-after instructors/workshop leaders and seminar presenters on the world woodturning stage. Specializing in surface enhancement and renowned for his wall sculptures, his award-winning work often incorporates carving, airbrushing, ceramic and metal effects. Nick specializes in hollow forms, large diameter work, and surface enhancement. His work has been exhibited around the world and is in the collections of HRH Prince of Wales, Dukes, Duchesses and the Royal Jewelers. He has been featured on BBC and ITV lifestyle television programs. Nick is a member of the Worshipful Company of Turners and has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London in recognition of his services to the world of woodturning. He is a Patron of the Max Carey Woodturning Trust and co-author of the book Woodturning Evolution. Nick is an elected member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen, a Registered Professional Turner and is a member of the AWGB and AAW. He currently lives in Savannah, Georgia where he has set up Nick Agar Studios . A School dedicated to woodturning, carving and surface embellishment.  Visit Nick at Nick Agar Studios


Nick Agar will do the following 4 rotations:

Turning Circular off set wall art:  Out of center turning, using Hot melt glue, Power carving, the advantages of airbrushing, exploring the advantage of " V “cuts Timber choice, making the most of design opportunities.  Work holding and safe practice.

Wall Shield: Unusual texture techniques, coloring and metalizing surface effects. Sharpening, tool choice, uses and workholding. Material choice and inspirations for design.Choosing the best gouge profile and how it works for best. Work safety, tool choice and sharpening.

Lidded Bowl with Water effect and off set finial.

A simple Bowl turning journey with a twist. Flat inserted lid with water effect and off set finial. Safety, turning out of center, using hot melt glue. Temporary tenons. Gouge use, sharpening and finishing.

Bowl turning and getting the best from your fingernail grind bowl gouge:

A complete journey of bowl turning using the: Fingernail “profile on a bowl gouge. Sharpening on various jigs. A look at flute shapes and how they matter.  Bevel angles and sharpening. Outside and inside turning, pull cut /Draw cuts, push cut, and Shear cuts are all demonstrated.  Spindle turning tips with the 1/2” bowl gouge.  Roughing out green wood effectively!

Eric Lofstrom 

Working with wood has been a source of peaceful intrigue since Eric Lofstrom’s childhood. When creating, Eric aims to practice “presence,” or mindfulness, so he can stay safe and make the most of his time creatively. He strives to balance the seemingly opposite goals of absolute physical control and creative surrender. Eric intentionally zooms in on the finest material details, while also acknowledging how various elements play to a piece’s artistic message. Approaching studio time in this way may not be the most productive in terms of volume, but it allows Eric to explore and fully understand things in a more satisfying way. As an artist, Eric aims to create clean-lined forms with minimal distraction. Eric uses grain, color, and texture to invite an intimate conversation with his work. He enjoys working within self-prescribed constraints, focusing his exploration to develop philosophical concepts into series. Currently, Eric’s work represents curiosities relating to water, energy, and the essence of human-being. Eric’s woodturning instruction thoughtfully balances the technical teaching of woodturning skills with artistic embellishments to inspire creative expression.
The powerful experience of feeling inspired by in the world around you then having the courage and confidence to create a one-of-a-kind piece… to Eric, this is what woodturning is all about!


Eric Lofstrom will do the following 4 rotations:

Turning an Artistic End Grain Bowl: “Namaste” Series  In this session, you will learn many of the techniques I use to create artistic, yet functional bowls using small end grain pieces of wood. Emphasis will be on tools control, techniques specific to turning end grain and discussion of form. We will also explore multiple elegant coloring & texturing embellishments I use to add depth & drama to a captivatingly simple form. After this session, you’ll see any small block of plain-grained wood as a potential piece of art!

Turning a Square-Rim Bowl: “Resonance” Series  In this session, you will learn how to turn an artistically inspired bowl with an outward flowing square rim and crisp, echoing ripples. Created from a square-corner blank with basic turning tools, this session will showcase the fingernail grind bowl gouge, finishing scrapers, & a no-sanding approach to creating a crisply rippled surface. You will gain techniques to create a flowing form, utilizing the cleanest of tool cutting techniques to eliminate tear-out & minimize sanding. This square-rimmed bowl session is sure to set your mind & imagination rippling with inspiration!

Skew Skills: “Making the Cuts!”  In this session, you learn basic spindle turning with the skew, simple sharpening techniques used to create a razor’s edge & methods to obtain an ultra-clean cut. You will experience several exercises using biomechanics to increase tool control & gain confidence at the lathe. This session will also showcase skill-building projects; the egg & my version of the finger-tip spinning top. The experience of using the skew & the lessons learned during this demo will expand your success with ALL cutting tools!

Turning a Viking Gnome: Creating a Character Using basic spindle turning tools, this session focuses on spindle grain turning to create a small, character-filled Viking gnome. In addition to reviewing basic tool application, attendees will learn techniques used to join multiple complimentary forms to compose a unique figurine. This session will showcase what basic tools and simple embellishment techniques will allow you to do with a handful of spindle grain wood blanks. Once you learn to turn a Viking, you’ll be able to apply the basics to create unique characters of your own!

Pat Carroll

Working as a builder/carpenter I have always loved working with wood. In 2002 I took my first woodturning class and was very quickly hooked. Been keen to try every type of woodturning I found myself drawn to hollow forms. The sense of achievement from creating large forms made this a very enjoyable craft. With the influence of many great artists, I am keen to explore the combination of texture and color into my work today. At the end of a valley surrounded by forested slopes. Pat brings his skill and sure touch to each piece he lovingly creates, watching the grain of the wood coming to life on his lathe. Most of his raw material comes from locally felled timber, but Pat also loves the variety that non-native wood from sustainable sources brings to his art. The color and patina of some of these exotic hardwoods is very different from the paler shades of Irish timber. Careful oiling, polishing, texturing and sometimes staining combine to produce beautifully tactile pieces of work which demand to be held and examined. Pats considerable skill means that he is in great demand locally, nationally and internationally for demonstrations and tuition. While much of Pats output is determined by the type and availability of raw materials, he is also happy to work on commissioned pieces for special events and occasions.


Pat Carroll will do the following 4 rotations:

Multi-Axis Box: The multi axis box is turned on three axis. It is a fun project that can leave people wondering exactly how it was made. It a is a good project for honing tool control as attention. needs to be paid to bevel direction and grain orientation. Topics that will be discussed will include safety, timber selection, holding the piece on the lathe and suggestions to embellish the finished item.


Thin-Walled Bowl with Copper Stitching: We often find pieces of wood which have cracks, fishers or inclusions of some sort. Trying to hide these is not easy and sometimes impossible. This demonstration shows how to enhance what some may see as defects. I see them as a design opportunity.

Beaded Hollow Form with Finial: This project shows how to create a small hollow form with a beaded exterior. By using the beads the joint is disguised and with good grain alignment sometimes virtually invisible. The finial adds height to piece and further enhances the aesthetics of the piece.

Shields are fun pieces to do, and projects are only restrained by your own imagination. They can be made to look like metal or replicate ancient warriors' wooden shields. Small diameters are as beautiful as larger diameter’s and all make for great wall hangings.

Ashley Harwood
The first question most people ask is, “How did you get into this?

I started woodturning when I took a bowl turning class with my dad in 2009. That same year, I applied for the Charleston Farmer’s Market to show and sell my work. A couple years later, I started teaching classes in my studio in Charleston, SC. I continued selling at the Farmer’s Market for seven years, and I continued teaching as well - both in my own studio and elsewhere, visiting woodturning clubs and demonstrating at symposiums all over the USA, in eight other countries, and as far away as Australia. I never would have guessed when I first started that woodturning and teaching would lead to such amazing experiences. Or that I would have met so many incredible and genuine people through my craft. Or how much teaching others would help to hone my own skills - in my craft and in life!


Ashley Harwood will do the following rotations:



Fine Spindle TurningFor this demonstration, I will show how I turn and assemble a sea urchin ornament with a fine ebony spindle. I begin by demonstrating all of the fundamental cuts of spindle turning on a larger piece of wood. I break down the actions of each hand and the way that my tool cuts in order to achieve a finish ready for 180 grit straight off of the tool. Next, I turn a fine ebony spindle using a half inch bowl gouge, a ¼ inch detail gouge, and a vortex tool.


Push-Cut Bowl TurningFor this demonstration, I will turn a green, tall shaped bowl using the Push-Cut method.  The goal of using a push-cut around the outside of a bowl is to create a pleasing curve with one pass from the bottom to the top of the bowl, leaving a finish that is ready for 180 grit sandpaper straight off the tool. I will talk about all of the fundamentals that we, as woodturners, must address (but often forget) before putting the tool into the wood in order to achieve a consistently better cut. This includes sharpening, and I will demonstrate free-hand sharpening of a 40/40 bowl gouge using a platform on a bench grinder. I talk about the different tools I use and why I prefer certain flute shapes for certain jobs. I will show how to mount the bowl onto a jam chuck in order to reverse-turn the bottom.


Sammy Long

Sammy is a native of Greenville, Mississippi and a resident of Brandon, Mississippi.  He is happily retired from many years of work in the gas pipeline industry. He began his career as a machinist and learned to turn on a metal lathe.  He began turning as a hobby and is now known for his unique hollow forms with leaf carvings, piercings and spiraling. He is a member of the Craftsman’s Guild of Mississippi and Magnolia Woodturners.  He has taught and demonstrated at the Appalachian Center for Crafts, John C. Campbell Folk School, Arrowmont School of Arts, for local and regional woodturning clubs and regional symposiums as well as the AAW Symposium.  Those who have directly influenced Sammy’s work have been John Jordon, Binh Pho and Dixie Biggs.


Sammy Long will do the following  rotations:

Creative Relief Carving: For this demonstration, Sammy will use a turned disc which is 5/16” – 3/8” wall thickness.  When turning a hollow form for carving he uses the same wall thickness.  Once the hollow forms are dry, Sammy will lightly sand the outside to get a smooth surface on which to draw the design.  For this demonstration, I will be using natural leaf designs.

Adding Spirals to your work: For this spiraling demonstration, Sammy will be using a hollow form which has a wall thickness of 3/8” to 7/16”.    The depth of your spirals will dictate the wall thickness of your piece.  Keep in mind that your wood must be dry in order to carve with most burrs.


35th Anniversary T-Shirts

Don't miss the opportunity to Pre-Order your 35th Anniversary T-Shirt!! These Shirts are will be Long-Sleeve in Navy Blue! You can pre-order as many as 2 shirts with your registration. Want More? Just let us know. There will only be a limited number available at the event so Pre-Order yours Today!!


Symposium Auction

With Landon Norman as our 2024 auctioneer you are assured an enjoyable, laugh-filled evening. The auction will include donations of turned pieces, tools, supplies and wood donated by our attendees, Vendors and TAW members. In addition there will be demo pieces from each demonstrator in the auction. All proceeds from the auction support continuing education in woodturning through the TAW scholarship program and TAW outreach programs. Each attendee coming to the symposium is encouraged to donation a turned piece (or anything you chose) to the auction. Barry Buntin will be the auction caller.

Please take time to review the Auction Pieces in the Instant Gallery room and on the front tables prior to the Auction at the Banquet.

This will give you an idea of size and color as the image on the screen at the Auction can be deceiving

WIT_logo.jpg (edited)

Women In Turning Meeting

Women In Turning (WIT) is a committee of the AAW, bringing together women worldwide who share a passion for woodturning. WIT is dedicated to encouraging and assisting women in their pursuit of turning, to share ideas and processes to further member's skills and creativity, and to increase participation of women in the field of woodturning. There will be a WIT luncheon meeting (bring your lunch) in the Arabian Room on Saturday, January 28th.

Peoples Choice Award

Each year participants may enter one piece, which is entirely their own work, into the People's Choice Award. Vendors and demonstrators are not eligible for the People's Choice Award. No collaborative efforts please. All Symposium participants will be asked to vote and select the best piece for the People's Choice Award.

People's Choice Award Winner: 

$250.00 cash award, plaque and free registration to the TAW 2025 Woodturning Symposium


Instant Gallery

We invite every Symposium participant to display up to four pieces of their work for all others to enjoy during the Symposium. Each year we have an impressive display of turned pieces from the demonstrators as well as our talented attendees. Always a favorite, the instant gallery will be on display throughout the Symposium. This large exhibit of wood turned art provides a unique opportunity for collectors to become acquainted with both new and well-known artists. For "Turners", the gallery is a great way to see what others have been up to and provides many ideas and inspiration for you!


The 2024 TAW Woodturning Symposium will once again be held at the Marriott Hotel and Convention Center located at 700 Cool Springs Blvd in Franklin, TN. We have secured a special room rate of $132.00 per night for symposium attendees. There are a limited number of rooms available at this rate and we encourage symposium attendees to book their rooms early. To reserve a room at the Marriott please click HERE


The symposium location is directly across the interstate from the Cool Springs Galleria Mall and shopping area. Downtown Nashville is just a short drive up I-40. For a list of things to do and places to go in the immediate area click HERE


Once Again, we will give away a Powermatic 2014 Lathe to one lucky Turner. All Full and One Day registrants will be entered in the drawing that will immediately follow the banquet and auction on Saturday Night. The Winner is responsible for picking up the lathe. For more information on the lathe click HERE

Symposium Contacts

Have question about the symposium? Please contact the following for help:

General symposium questions - David Sapp

Vendor information - Grant Hitt

Registration Questions - Gretchen Nieb