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Due to COVID-19 concerns, April meeting to be conducted as Interactive Remote Demonstration.  See the calendar and register to attend this virtual session.

Tennessee Association of Woodturners


Notice:  April Meeting to be held virtually.

Fellow Woodturners,
As you know there are a lot of concerns in the US and the world about the COVID-19 Virus outbreak.  Many organizations are taking steps to help prevent the spread by cancelling meetings to avoid large gatherings.  Although our gathering may seem somewhat small compared to others, we do have some other concerns.  Many of our members are in the higher risk categories for the virus.  The meeting space is such that we are all in very close contact and there are a lot of high touch surfaces.  We cannot even find any hand sanitizer to purchase to have at the meeting!  As a result we are going to cancel the March 19th and the April 7th Club Meetings.  We will also be cancelling the April 11th Saturday Turn-In.  We are doing this out of an abundance of caution to protect our members and help prevent any spread of the virus.

What can we do in the meantime?  We are working on establishing a Social Media Platform.  We already have a Facebook Page, and we now have an Instagram Feed.  So share what you have been doing in your shop with us all.  We will be getting more information out on this soon.

Please keep  the many people who have been affected by this virus and  those who are on the front lines of the fight to prevent the spread of this virus throughout our country in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You

David Sapp

Welcome to the Tennessee Association of Woodturners
Welcome and thanks for visiting the website for the Tennessee Association of Woodturners. We look forward to sharing the skills needed to advance the knowledge of woodturning. Whether we are novice, craftsman or artist, a shared love of working with wood creates the bond that makes us strong.

The Tennessee Association of Woodturners are proud to be one of the originial founding chapters of the American Association of Woodturners. Want to find out more about what the AAW has to offer? Click here to check out the AAW.

The AAW also now has a woodturning podcast available.  Click here to go to the podcast.