TAW Moves to the Clay Lady's Campus

The Tennessee Association of Woodturners are proud to be part of the Clay Lady's Campus community located at 1416 Lebanon in Nashville, TN.  The TAW holds their meetings and Saturday Turn Ins in Studio B. For more information about the Clay Lady's Campus please go to www.theclaylady.com.           

The Tennessee Association of Woodturners continues to grow by supporting scholarships and other opportunities for woodturners.  In addition the TAW has established a building fund that would allow the unique opportunity to provide dedicated meeting space and workshop opportunities.  The TAW is a 501 (c)3 educational non-profit organization and donations are tax deductible.  We appreciate any support and all donations are welcome.  To donate with a credit card through the TAW secure PayPal payment system please click on the green Donate Now button below.

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The Tennessee Association of Woodturners are proud to be one of the originial founding chapters of the American Association of Woodturners.  Want to find out more about what the AAW has to offer?  Click here to check out the AAW.

​​​​​​​Welcome and thanks for visiting the website for the Tennessee Association of Woodturners. We look forward to sharing the skills needed to advance the knowledge of woodturning. Whether we are novice, craftsman or artist, a shared love of working with wood creates the bond that makes us strong.

Purpose:  To provide an environment that fosters the art and craft of woodturning. Our members share techniques on turning wood, finishing wood, safe woodworking practices, proper tool and equipment use. We strive to increase awareness and appreciation of design for wood turned objects having functional or artistic objectives.

Who We Are:  The Tennessee Association of Woodturners is a local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. Member’s skill levels range from novice to skilled professional. Some make all or part of their living from the craft. Interests cover the entire range of woodturning. The TAW places a strong emphasis on both personal and environmental safety.

Meetings:  The TAW meets the first Tuesday of each month at the Clay Lady's Campus Studio B located 1416 Lebanon Road, Nashville, TN In addition we meet for a hands on Turn-In work day on the Saturday following the monthly meeting, unless otherwise announced, at the woodshop located in Studio B at the Clay Lady's Campus.  TAW periodically participates in local exhibitions and demonstrations as well as sponsoring an annual symposium.

Got Wood/Need Wood/Free Wood:  If you have information on available wood that you would like to get out to the TAW membership please click here to send an email with all the details.

Regular Club Meeting:

The Tennessee Association of Woodturners usually meets on the 1st Tuesday of the month. The meeting starts at 6:45 PM, but you are encouraged to arrive early to interact with the members and guests and to check out the club resources.  We normally meet in Studio B on the campus of The Clay Lady's Studio in Nashville, TN

Saturday Turning & Learning Sessions:

We hold a hands-on Turning & Learning session every month for our membership. At these Turning and Learning sessions, we gather together  to share, assist and enjoy the company of our fellow members. The sessions are open to all members and are oriented toward mentoring, skill development and fun.

The Turning & Learning sessions are usually held the Saturday following the monthly TAW meeting. We begin at 8:00 AM and wraps up at noon. In these four hours, there is plenty of time for you to get questions answered, tool technique tips and even a few pointers on sharpening. Some of our members have completed their first turning projects at these sessions!

The sessions are held at the Clay Lady's Campus. This woodshop is our own little turning oasis that we are lucky enough to have been given complete access. The woodshop is located in Studio B on the Clay Lady's Campus 1416 Lebanon Road, Nashville.